I be born in the wonderful Rauriser Tal situated in the middle of the "Hohen Tauern" and at the base of the Hoher Sonnblick.

From childhood my parents took me with them into the mountains and even then, my enthusiasm for the mountainous world could be seen to emerge.

As I got older I learned more and more rarities of alpinism. I spent the majority of my time with mountaineering, skitouring, climbing, ice- climbing, skiing, para- gliding and so on in the mountains.

In 1994 my alpine career reached it´s peak in an expedition to Mount Everest 8848m.

That was followed by numerous ascents in the western- and eastern- alps.



Wolfgang Rohrmoser              

Since my early teenager -years I worked in the mountain - rescue- organization of austria.

In 1998 I decided to share my enthusiasm with other people in a professional way. So I began with the education for a officially certified mountain- and skiguide.

After the successful exame in summer 2000, I am now practising this profession.  






© Wolfgang Rohrmoser,  2020

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